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Concealment and Customization

Concealment & Customization  -  High Performance Synchronized With Your Interior & Exterior Décor


The proper design of ANY system is extremely important and a fundamental aspect with Matheson Multimedia. Not only to create fun, high quality, and simple to use systems, but equally to ensure that our systems seamlessly blend into the design and décor of your entire property, both inside and outside.

Hiding all of the equipment except the items you interact with, such as TV screens, loudspeakers and remote controls, is standard operating procedure at Matheson Multimedia. Since we have a business relationship with all of the major manufacturers, we can specify the best components and equipment that will satisfy all of your needs and requirements perfectly.

We also understand that sometimes even the most well known products will not suit your décor as a permanent feature. When these circumstances arise, we have custom methods for making screens disappear in walls, ceilings, cabinets, mirrors or behind pieces of art. Loudspeakers can be powerful but miniature in size, colour matched, appear as a work of art or installed in ceilings and walls for a completely invisible finish.

A Matheson Multimedia Custom Design is function in full harmony with form.


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