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Lighting & Shading

Smart Lighting PLUS Shading - Elegant - Efficient - Effortless


With Smart Lighting you can design your perfect living spaces with preset lighting scenes, soft dimming and automated shading. Well contemplated lighting systems not only brings out the absolute best of your home or office interior but also provides greater comfort, security and saves energy.

Now, with Matheson Multimedia’s Smart Lighting system, imagine the added convenience of being able to turn off any light in the house from the hallway before rushing out the front door. Imagine then being welcomed home with lights coming on automatically on your return. And, when you’re away for extended periods of time, rest assured that lights and shading simulate your usual habits automatically.

Whether you are specifying a completely brand new lighting system or would like us to integrate with an existing one, our systems are fully compatible with all types of light fixtures.

Smart Lighting
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Automated Shading
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