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Maintenance & Support

Specialized A/V Support & Maintenance  -  System Servicing, Repairs, and Upgrades

At Matheson Multimedia, we have years of experience in servicing, troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining a large range of audio, video, routers, DVD servers, control and lighting systems. By brands like Crestron, Lutron, Vutek, and many more. Our services include;

Field Engineer

If you need an urgent repair, a second opinion or simply another pair of hands our field engineers are experienced, professional and capable.



The crucial first step of any repair project. Our engineers can successfully troubleshoot a large number of problems using a combination of our years of experience, specialized test equipment and diagnostic software.



During repair projects we keep a detailed record of every cable, component and configuration. These documents as well as CAD floor plans, lighting schedules etc can all be produced.


Especially important for commercial projects where staff can change or may need refresher training. We can provide training sessions and documents.



We specialize in the repair of Crestron systems. Our engineers and programmers are highly experienced at troubleshooting, repairing and upgrading Crestron control systems of all types.



We carry out repairs, servicing and maintenance on all Lutron products from simple Rania dimmers to Grafik Eye units and large scale Home Network Systems.